Ultima IV Stuff

This pages owes a debt to Xenerkes' Tech Files and the Moongates for presenting the internal details of the Ultima IV files, and of course to Origin Systems for creating the game all those yonks ago. More on that later.


My First JavaScript Program

  • Wander around Britannia. It's really bad, but like I say it's the first JavaScript I've ever written, and it's a very perverse little language. Works on Firefox 1.0.4, no idea about anything else and no real intention of finding out.

Ultimate Map of Britannia

Town Maps

Also, here's all the shapes and animations from the game.

The best thing about the game is the conversations you have with the locals: an inanely simple engine which has a huge impact on the plot of the game. For research purposes only, here's a table of all possible conversations with all characters in the game. Well, everyone but his Dibs and that tedious bugger Hawkwind.