Ultima IV .TLK file contents:



Charming bard
JOB: I play for the people. HEAL: Good. PLAY: I play my lute and receive the good wishes of the people.
Do you like my music?
YES: I would join thee!
NO: A shame.
COMP: If you treat someone else well then they will have reason to do the same.


a charming jester
JOB: I dance and sing for the children. HEAL: Very well. DANC: Dance is good for the soul.
Do you give to the needy?
YES: Beggars are thankful for small donations.
NO: Alas.
BEGG: To give to a beggar shows compassion.

a child

a small child
JOB: Singing HEAL: Very happy. SING: The song goes: Ho eyo he hum! HO E: It means: Love to one and all!
Do you like the song?
YES: Then help us spread the word!
NO: Too bad.

a guard

A guard
JOB: I guard the bridge. HEAL: Good. BRID: Across the bridge our people dance and sing!
Would thou like to join them?
YES: Remember, an open heart is the first step on the path to wisdom!
NO: Then you have no business across the bridge.
GUAR: Yep.


A spicy woman.
JOB: I am a fighting bard. HEAL: Healthy. BARD: Bards know many things.
Dost thou seek something?
YES: What might that be?
NO: Alas, I may have been able to help.
RUNE: The rune of compassion lies at the end of a hall somewhere in this towne.


A seasoned fighter.
JOB: I search for the mystery of the magic orbs. HEAL: Fairly well. ORBS: A one-handed beggar knows their secrets!
Hast thou seen him?
YES: Only he knows the orb's gift!
NO: Find him in Serpent castle for he knows of orbs!
MAGI: Magic orbs.


A drunken fighter
JOB: Yo ho ho... and a bottle... of rum... hic... HEAL: And a bottle of... STON: The yellow stone is in the dungeon Despise... RUM : Rum... hic...
Give me rum?...
YES: Thanxth... my friend Joe can help with the stones... hic...
NO: Ah, be a joe!


A bard in green
JOB: Shhh, I'm playing! HEAL: Shhh SHHH: Yes, shhh!
Now wilt thou be quiet?
YES: Thanks.
NO: I am going to call the guards!
MANT: The mantra for the shrine of compassion is 'MU'!

a guard

A cheerful guard.
JOB: I am a guard of course! HEAL: I am fully healed. GUAR: We guards have a lot of compassion. COMP: We always say: Let all others' troubles be as thine own!
Dost thou kill non-evil creatures?
YES: That does not show compassion!
NO: Good.

a child

A small child
JOB: I am learning compassion. HEAL: O.K. LEAR: The solution to ones problems often lies in solving others! COMP: Never care so much for thyself that thou cannot care for others!
Know ye the mantra of compassion?
YES: Good.
NO: Ask Cricket!


A tired shepherd
JOB: I watch over the children. HEAL: Good. CHIL: It takes a good deal of compassion to deal with children! COMP: Compassion strengthens the soul as knowledge tempers the mind!
Have any kids?
YES: Thou dost know what I mean!
NO: Too bad.


An injured person.
JOB: I know a terrible secret! HEAL: Not so well. SECR: Mondain's influence has not left the world! MOND: An artifact remains! I heard at Buccaneer's Den!
Wilt thou find and destroy it?
YES: Then ask at the pub there of the skull!
NO: Oh.


A druid.
JOB: I am looking for Julio. HEAL: All right. JULI: He knows the true nature of compassion.
Art thou on the Quest of the Avatar?
YES: Find the shrine of compassion east across 2 bridges!
NO: Too bad.
COMP: Seek out Julio and ask him of compassion!


A solemn bard.
JOB: I seek the true nature of things! HEAL: Solemn. NATU: All things have a true nature!
Dost thou know the true nature of all things? (HUMI)
YES: Thou art a liar and a braggart.
NO: No mortal can.
COMP: Compassion derives itself from unending love!


A wise shepherd.
JOB: I escaped Magincia! HEAL: I am well. MAGI: Pride was too great in Magincia! PRID: The city was destroyed by daemons for its pride!
Art thou proud? (HUMI)
YES: That is not a virtue!
NO: Pride exists without truth, love, or courage!


A poor beggar.
JOB: I have no job so now I beg! HEAL: I fear I shall die of starvation! STAR: I have not eaten in a week! BEG : Please! Help me!
Wilt thou help me?
YES: In return I shall tell thee that Pepper knows of the rune!
NO: I shall starve to death!



A small boy.
JOB: I know how to enter the abyss! HEAL: I am fine. ABYS: The abyss may only be approached by ship! SHIP: The ship must have a magically strengthened hull!
Hast thou such a vessel?
YES: Ask Blissful of the abyss.
NO: Ask Blissful of the abyss.


A small druid.
JOB: Welcome to Cove, the hidden city of wisdom. HEAL: I am well.
Art thou well?
YES: Very good.
NO: Visit our healers, I am sure they can help thee!
WISD: Herein is found much wisdom and peace. PEAC: Find peace in our shrine.


An old hermit.
JOB: I am a recluse. HEAL: I am well. RECL: I have withdrawn from society. STON: Only the ghost of Isaac who haunts the inn at Skara Brae can tell thee.
Hast thou seen him?
YES: Ask him!
NO: Stay at the inn until he shows himself!


A tall wizard.
JOB: I study the magical arts. HEAL: Well indeed. ARTS: There is truth in magic!
Dost thou disagree?
YES: Well then, begone!
NO: Good.
GATE: Since thou dost bear the ankh I shall tell thee. A gate spell requires ash, pearl, and mandrake root!

the ankh

A shining ankh!
JOB: I resonate with thoughts.
Dost thou seek help?
YES: What are thy thoughts?
NO: Oh.
HEAL: Bright. CODE: To enter the codex chamber. CHAM: One must be 8 parts avatar, have the key of 3 parts, the word of passage and know the pure axiom!


A strangely familiar bard.
JOB: I play of love.
Wilt thou listen?
YES: About love.
NO: Too bad.
HEAL: I am well. LOVE: I light a candle to our love, in love our problems disappear. PROB: But all in all we soon discover that one and one is all we long to hear!


A singer.
JOB: I sing of the children. HEAL: Fine. CHIL: All round the world, little children being born to the world. WORL: Got to give them all we can 'til the quest is won, then will the work be done!
Wilt thou help?
YES: Teach them songs of joy!
NO: Hmm.


A mystical wizard.
JOB: I use magic.
Dost thou study magic?
YES: Best of luck with thy studies!
NO: Too bad.
HEAL: Fine. STON: The black stone is caught in a moon gate! GATE: Stand where the gate of both moons dark shall appear. Search when the moons go dark!


An old druid.
JOB: I teach the relation.
Knew ye this?
YES: Very good!
NO: Learn the towns and castles!
HEAL: I am well. RELA: There are eight possible combinations of truth, love and courage. Each of the eight virtues is one of those combinations!  


A majestic seahorse!
JOB: I know much of the codex! HEAL: I am doing well. CODE: The shrine ankh knows how to enter the chamber of the codex! ABYS: Meditate at the shrines of honesty, compassion and valor for 3 cycles to know how to enter!

Rabindranath tagore

A wise man.
JOB: I speak of love.
Dost thou seek to carry love in thy heart?
YES: Thou art a good soul.
NO: Thou art a fool.
HEAL: I am old but strong! LOVE: In love, all life's contradictions dissolve and disappear. HEAR: Carry love within it!

Brother Zair

An old druid.
JOB: I sit and watch the river. HEAL: I am well. RIVE: It flows endlessly.
YES: Good.
NO: Indeed.
WORD: The kings of the castles which represent the three principles of virtue each know but one syllable of the word of passage!


A slender mage.
JOB: I know of the codex. HEAL: Well indeed. CODE: One must know the combination of the three principles of virtue! COMB: The combination of the three principles of virtue equals the measure of time and space!


A tall mage.
JOB: I study the 'one' thing that is the secret to the codex! HEAL: Quite well. STUD: I study of the codex! CODE: The one pure axiom is more endless than the changing tides, more eternal than day and night!


A fair sorceress.
JOB: I ponder the key to the axiom. HEAL: Well enough. KEY : To the axiom. AXIO: The 1 pure axiom encompasses all things.
Know ye what they are?
YES: Good.
NO: The truths of the universe, the love of the heart, and the courage of the soul!


A wise mage.
JOB: I teach of the axiom! HEAL: Well. AXIO: The whole of the axiom is greater than all its parts! PART: The measure of unending love, the limitless courage needed to face all obstacles,the truth which encompasses all things!



A mean looking guard.
JOB: We guard the bridge slime! HEAL: What's it to ya scumpuppy! BRID: This bridge ya stupid jerk!
Art thou a wise &##!?
YES: Thou had best ditch it then!
NO: Then just buzz off!


A tall, muscular, impressive guard.
JOB: I am a guard. HEAL: Very hungry! GUAR: I guard the city! HUNG: Yes, I am very hungry!
Art thou here to feed me?
YES: I am grateful.
NO: Then thou had better run!!!


A scruffy sailor
JOB: I am a sailor! HEAL: Salty. SAIL: Oh, a sailor's life is the life for me, LIFE: As I sail across the bounding sea!
The rest?
YES: And never ever ever do I worry 'bout the weather, for the weather never ever did a thing for me!
NO: Oh.

Silver John

A tall sailor.
JOB: I'm a pirate matey! HEAL: Good enough, eh! PIRA: We raid the coasts of Britannia, fun eh!
Art thou a pirate? (HUMI)
YES: Good matey!
NO: Thou had best leave this place 'fore there's any trouble!
RAID: Pillage and burn!


A nimble thief.
JOB: What's it to thee? HEAL: As good as I need be! THIE: Yea, and clever too. CLEV: Thou dost ask too many questions!
Art thou a thief?
YES: Oh, I'd better watch out!
NO: Just as I thought


A solemn ranger
JOB: I travel. HEAL: O.K. TRAV: The lands of Britannia.
Art thou here looking for information?
YES: On what?
NO: Then buzz off.
SKUL: Be warned that if thou dost ever use the skull, except to destroy it, all thy virtues will be lost!


A slinky mage.
JOB: I am a sorceress
My dear friend, may I help you?
YES: How about with thy magic?
NO: Ah
HEAL: I am well. MAGI: How about the sleep spell... sleep... sleep.... SLEE: A sleep spell requires but one part silk! sleep... sleep... sleep...

Jeremy James Scirlock

A sneaky thief!
JOB: At thy service! HEAL: Very well! SERV: How about information?
Dost thou seek a special dungeon?
YES: Which?
NO: I cannot help thee.
HYTH: The dungeon Hythloth can only be reached by a secret entrance in the great castle.


A mage dressed all in black.
JOB: I use black magic! HEAL: Dark indeed. MAGI: I cast powerful magic missile spells.
Dost thou?
YES: Thou should try my mix of reagents!
NO: Too bad.
MIX : Try one black pearl and one part sulfurous ash!


A big fat troll.
JOB: Aw, buzz off! HEAL: Shove it!
Did thou hear me?
YES: Then do it!
NO: I said shove it!
IT : Thy face!  


An ugly orc!
JOB: I smuggle black market items. HEAL: Good'n smelly. ITEM: Magic keys, magic gems, that sort of thing.
Dost thou need such an item?
YES: I just gave the guild shop a new supply!
NO: Ah well, maybe next time.


A towering wizard.
JOB: I must warn thee! HEAL: Adequate. WARN: To step into those woods will seal thy doom! DOOM: In there lies the dark side, enter not!
Shalt thou go on?
YES: Evil shall consume thee!
NO: Wise decision!

Green Beard

A tall pirate with a green beard!
JOB: I'm buying armour for my crew! HEAL: Jolly good mate! ARMO: I hope to get some magical plate!
Know where to buy mystic armour?
YES: Where?
NO: Wish I did!
NOWH: Oh, I see.


A plump merchant
JOB: I sell wine! HEAL: Great! WINE: I have some good vintages. VINT: I own my own vineyards, they are on an isle northeast of here!
Dost thou like wine?
YES: Ah, then join me in a glass!
NO: Don't know what thou art missing!


A jolly old soul.
JOB: I am a tinker by trade. HEAL: Jolly good, thanks. TINK: I create projectile machinery. MACH: Primarily ship cannons!
Dost thou own a ship!
YES: Good odds I built the cannons!
NO: Thou really should get one!


A cowering man.
JOB: I am hiding. HEAL: O.K. for now. HIDE: I know something others want! SOME: I... I...
Wilt thou promise to use it only to aid the powers of good?
YES: The lighter than air device that was stolen lies near the dungeon Hythloth!
NO: Oh, no.


Lord Robert

A stately baron
JOB: I rule this province. HEAL: Very well. PROV: My Lady Marcy can tell thee more! WORD: I know but one of three syllables.
Dost thou wish to know it now?
YES: It is 'amo' seek ye now the other parts!
NO: Perhaps another time.

Lady Marcy

A charming lady
JOB: I rule with my Lord. HEAL: Well. RULE: This province. PROV: Our people believe in love as a way of life and live it to the fullest!
Dost thou seek love?
YES: Then may thou find it!
NO: Then thou shalt not find it!


A lovely lady
JOB: I am a lady in waiting. HEAL: Overworked! LADY: I serve Marcy.
Art thou allowed to be in here?
YES: I doubt it! Thou should leave!
NO: Thou should leave!
HORN: There is a paladin by the name of Malchor. He can lead thee to the silver horn!


An ankh
JOB: I resonate thoughts. HEAL: I exist. RESO: What are thy thoughts? LOVE: Seek ye the candle of love for only with it and two other parts might thou enter the abyss!
Dost thou have it?
YES: Good.
NO: Ask the bard beyond the secret passage!

the pass guard

A guard
JOB: I guard the passages. HEAL: Fine. PASS: There is no danger. DANG: Well not compared to a dungeon altar room!
Hast thou solved the altars?
YES: Good.
NO: From them a three part key is gained, needed to enter the chamber of the codex!

a gate guard

A guard
JOB: A gate guard HEAL: Top notch. GATE: To the abbey. ABBE: Here, in the oak grove many find the meaning of peace and love!
Art thou saturated with love? (HUMI)
YES: Then thou need not be here!
NO: Visit the small shrine within the abbey!

Derek the Bard

A young bard playing a lute.
JOB: I am a bard, I sing songs. HEAL: Pretty good. SONG: Oh, all types.
Dost thou like this one?
YES: Thanks, I just wrote it!
NO: Alas, it was new.
CAND: The candle of love is found in a secret place hidden off Lock Lake!


A small but stately child.
JOB: I welcome thee unto the Abbey!
Art thou here in search of love?
YES: Perhaps then the oak grove!
NO: Perhaps then the oak grove.
HEAL: Very well, thank you! GROV: A grove of oak. OAK : There four profession types seek truth!


A tall woman.
JOB: I counsel those who enter the grove. HEAL: Good. COUN: Herein thou may find insights into love, within thyself or the others here in the grove. LOVE: Ask the others.
Art thou the most loving person? (HUMI)
YES: Doubtful!
NO: Strive for love!


A solemn bard.
JOB: I relate love and compassion. HEAL: Fine.
Art thou well?
YES: Very good.
NO: Too bad...
LOVE: When the three combine in eight ways love alone is compassion. COMP: Of the eight avatar attributes compassion is derived from love alone.


A druid, lost in thought.
JOB: I ponder love and justice. HEAL: Fine.
Art thou?
YES: Most good.
NO: I see.
LOVE: When three build eight, truth tempered by love becomes justice! JUST: Justice is one of the eight avatar virtues and derives from truth and love.


A hearty tinker.
JOB: I am thinking of love's part in sacrifice. HEAL: Fine
YES: Good.
NO: Shame.
LOVE: Love of others and the courage to face even death is self-sacrifice. SACR: Sacrifice is built upon the motive of love and the ability of courage.


A solemn ranger.
JOB: I follow the spiritual path. HEAL: Most well.
And thee?
YES: Good.
NO: So sad.
SPIR: My spirituality is not a religion, but a searching to know and improve my own inner being. BEIN: My being is based on my own truth, love and courage.


A mumbling beggar.
JOB: I seek salvation HEAL: Not so good. MUMB: The...ankh... spoke to me! SALV: I am but a poor destitute beggar I have nothing!
Will you give me some money?
YES: I would be soooo grateful....
NO: But I am in most dire need!


A bold paladin.
JOB: I solve quests HEAL: Just now fully healed! QUES: My last quest took me near Spiritwood.
Art thou on a quest?
YES: Best of luck to thee!
NO: Oh.
HORN: Some say that the silver horn is buried on a small isle off the tip of Spiritwood.

Brother Antos

A wise druid.
JOB: I hold great wisdom. HEAL: I am getting old and frail. WISD: What dost thou ask of me? CAND: Thou dost need the candle of love to enter the abyss.
Dost thou know where to find it?
YES: Very good.
NO: Meditate on love at our shrine.



A 6 foot 5, great warrior.
JOB: I lead into battle! HEAL: I am good and strong! WARR: A great warrior is a valiant warrior!
Art thou valiant!
YES: Perhaps I could someday join thee!
NO: To flee battle shows cowardice!
BATT: I desire to fight again in battle!

Lord Robert

A mysterious warrior.
JOB: I battle for Lord British!
Are you a valiant warrior?
YES: Thou dost deserve the rune, ask Nostro!
NO: Thou art a wimp!
HEAL: Outstanding! WARR: Thou must battle long and hard to be a warrior. BATT: Battles are few and too many!

Lady Donna

A 5 foot pregnant woman
JOB: I watch over my sheep. HEAL: Fine, all but the lump in my stomach. PREG: It's no fun to be pregnant.
Why, art thou the father?
YES: Wait till I tell my husband!
NO: Thank god!
SHEE: I can't stand sheep!


A wounded fighter!
JOB: I search the dungeons! HEAL: Poor. DUNG: I fell in the dungeon 'Destard'.
Hast thou found its altar room?
YES: It connects with Covetous, Shame and Hythloth!
NO: Find it!
ROOM: Therein use the stones found in the connecting dungeons!

Sir William

A noble fighter.
JOB: I search for valiant fighters!
Art thou valiant?
YES: Strive ye to defeat all evil!
NO: I see.
HEAL: Very well. EVIL: Kill not non-evil creatures but still always stand thy ground! KILL: Let them flee instead. never flee uninjured!

Sir Hrothgar

A mighty warrior!
JOB: I fight for valor! HEAL: Excellent. VALO: The valiant soul fears not its own visage!
Art thou the most valiant of souls? (HUMI)
YES: This is not likely!
NO: Thou should seek the shrine of valor!
SHRI: The mantra need be known, ask Aesop!

a guard

A stern guard.
JOB: We guard the gates and these passages! HEAL: Well. GATE: The gates of Jhelom. PASS: These passages are restricted.


A small man.
JOB: I search for valor! HEAL: Well enough. VALO: I find that 'tis easy to be brave from a safe distance!
Know what I mean?
YES: Thats my problem.
NO: Thou art brave!
MANT: The mantra of valor is 'RA' use it in the shrine on the next isle!


A grave fighter.
JOB: I search the dungeons. HEAL: So so. DUNG: I seek the red stone. STON: It is found on an altar!
Dost thou have it?
YES: No wonder I can't find it!
NO: It lies in the dungeon Destard!


A beautiful mage
JOB: I am locked up in this tower. HEAL: Well enough. TOWE: I am being punished for my crimes. CRIM: Does not matter, I can help thee!
Dost thou have a ship?
YES: Then thou dost need a sextant ask the barkeep for he knows more!
NO: Too bad.


A withering soul
JOB: I built these passages and they walled me in! HEAL: Very near death! PASS: This passage runs around the city!
Wilt thou lead me out?
YES: I am saved!
NO: Thou art a cad! and I will still follow!
RUNE: The rune is buried in a tower!


A ranger with a far away look.
JOB: I seek the inner light! HEAL: Quite well. LIGH: I come from Skara Brae and am on my way to Yew.
Hast thou been to Skara Brae?
YES: A fine city!
NO: 'tis a spiritual city!
YEW : 'tis a city based in the virtue of justice!


The housekeeper.
JOB: I am the housekeeper. HEAL: Good! HOUS: I clean the rooms.
Is there some problem with thy room?
YES: I am very sorry I will correct it right away!
NO: Oh, thou had me worried!
ROOM: That's a strange one at the end. People often disappear.


A strange person
JOB: I seek the stone HEAL: O.K. STON: The red stone. RED : Red is for valor a virtue of the avatar!
Art thou an avatar? (HUMI)
YES: Wow!
NO: Then thou shalt need the red stone in one altar room to get the third part of a key!


A valiant warrior.
JOB: I fight battles! HEAL: Only minor wounds! BATT: True valor is seen not in the force of arms, but in the force of will!
Art thou valiant?
YES: Then never flee unless the need is dire!
NO: Coward.
VALO: I display my valor in battle.


A thin fighter.
JOB: I fight with valor! HEAL: Couldn't be better! VALO: There is no holier spot of ground than where defeated valor lies.
Art thou brave?
YES: Fortune helps the brave!
NO: Coward.
BRAV: Be brave for there is much to dare!



A wise mage.
JOB: I can help. HEAL: Well. HELP: The riddle! RIDD: If the eight philosophies of avatarhood combine into and are made from truth, love & courage...
YES: What one thing creates and is created by all truths, all love & all courage?
NO: Oh.


A fair maiden.
JOB: I can help thee. HEAL: Fine thanks. HELP: Seek ye to know how the eight virtues form into the three principles.
Know ye this?
YES: Now the one!
NO: Seek it!
ONE : Seek ye to know what one thing the three principles of virtue combine into!

Jester Twin

A dancing jester
JOB: To entertain. HEAL: Perfectly hoppy! JEST: A jester needs a good bard! BARD: Our bard is very good.
Dost thou like the music?
YES: Then you should go to Britain for there lives the best!
NO: A shame, we do!

a guard

A burly guard
JOB: I guard the castle and my liege! HEAL: Great! GUAR: A guard must be a valiant warrior!
Art thou the most valiant warrior? (HUMI)
YES: Then thou should be a guard!
NO: Still flee not from battle!
LIEG: I serve Lord British!

Le Chef

A person with a white hat.
JOB: I am the chef. HEAL: Well.. All but my finger, which I cut! FOOD: Food, glorious food, to cook is my life! COOK: Cooking is a practiced art.
Do you eat?
YES: Then thou should try my soup!
NO: Then thou must be a spiritualist!

a reaper

A reaper
JOB: I kill adventurers! HEAL: Not so good, no one to eat in here! KILL: There is a thing which can kill many! THIN: Knowledge of it is found at Buccaneer's Den!
Will you seek this thing?
YES: It brings great power!
NO: Then thou must be stupid.

a nameless prisoner

A ragged soul.
JOB: I have none. HEAL: Very poor. CRIM: Crime is an evil thing! PRIS: Here I pay for my crimes!
Are you a pirate? (HUMI)
YES: You may never complete thy quests, for evil makes not an avatar!
NO: I hope that this is true!


A wise mage
JOB: I am here to help thee. HEAL: I am old, very old.... HELP: Seek help in the castles! CAST: Seek: the Lycaeum, Empath Abbey, Serpent's Castle!
Wilt thou go hither?
YES: Find therein all named Antos and ask of the bell, book, and candle!
NO: Alas.

a guard

A burly guard
JOB: I guard the castle and all within. HEAL: Couldn't be better! GUAR: I guard the castle! CAST: The castle is fair and strong!
Do you seek Lord British?
YES: He is on the upper level in the throne room.
NO: He will aid you if you are in need!


JOB: I hold a secret. HEAL: Fine. SECR: To what? ALTA: There are three altar rooms which connect the bottom levels of all eight dungeons!
YES: If the correct colors of stones are used in the altars, a key of three parts can be gained!
NO: Oh.


A shepherdess both strong and beautiful.
JOB: I watch the water. HEAL: Well. WATE: It brings me peace. PEAC: I come from a proud city.
Art thou proud? (HUMI)
YES: Hmmm.
NO: My towne was destroyed for its pride. The ruins lie on an isle at lat-K'J" long-L'L"!


An injured fighter
JOB: I fight for my country. HEAL: I have a grievous wound. WOUN: Deep. COUN: Britannia.
Fight ye for Britannia?
YES: Then seek out the smith named Zircon in Minoc for he made the mystic arms, only they will save thee in the abyss!
NO: Hmm.


A bouncing jester
JOB: I am the royal jester HEAL: Good, thanks. JEST: Welcome unto the castle Britannia!
Hast thou an ankh?
YES: Then enter in peace!
NO: Then why art thou here?
CLUE: Speak ye unto the waters of the well and ask of altars!

a guard

A guard
JOB: A guard HEAL: Excellent GUAR: We guard the castle and its treasures. TREA: That is not your business.
Do you mean to steal?
YES: I believe you will find that an unfruitful venture.
NO: Then please leave at once!


A solemn ranger
JOB: I search for the inner light. HEAL: I am well. LIGH: Seek inner light in the shrines! SHRI: Runes are needed to enter shrines!
Dost thou know of mantra?
YES: Good.
NO: The mantra are chants needed to focus thy thoughts while meditating.


A grim shepherd
JOB: I am here to warn thee! HEAL: I am fine, but thou must go back! WARN: Ahead lies a perilous place! PERI: Once thou enters thou may not return whence thee came!
Wilt thou go on?
YES: Then thou art doomed!
NO: That is good.


Robert Frasier

A stately baron
JOB: I rule this province. HEAL: Very well. PROV: My Lady Beth can tell thee more! WORD: I know but one of three syllables.
Dost thou wish to know it now?
YES: It is 'ver'! Seek ye now the other parts!
NO: Perhaps another time.

Beth Frasier

A charming lady
JOB: I rule with my Lord. HEAL: Well. RULE: This province. PROV: Our people believe in truth as a way of life and live it to the fullest!
Dost thou seek truth?
YES: Then may thou find it!
NO: Then thou shalt not find it!

a guard

A sleepy guard
JOB: Guard the gate, guard the baron, guard the baroness, watch the towers.... HEAL: Very sleepy. GUAR: I have been here for hours! HOUR: Yes, many hours!
See why I'm tired?
YES: It's hard work and long hours in the baronial guard!
NO: Bum!


A wise old sage
JOB: I am an old wizard, but have much to show! HEAL: My bones ache but my mind is sharp! SHOW: Here in my telescope! TELE: Search there by the end, thou shalt find a knob.
Dost thou see where?
YES: Set the dial and thou shalt see!
NO: Look!!!

Father Antos

An old druid, who looks strangely familiar.
JOB: I hold great knowledge. HEAL: Old and frail, I've seen many quests!
Art thou on the quest?
YES: May thou succeed!
NO: Oh.
KNOW: What is it you seek? BOOK: Seek ye the book of truth where other books lie.


A brawny guard.
JOB: I guard the throne room. HEAL: Bit tired. THRO: Throne of truth! TRUT: There are four townes that follow the principle of truth.
Know which?
YES: Good!
NO: There are eight possible combinations of the three principles, there are eight cities!


A tall mage wearing strange armour.
JOB: I advise. HEAL: Well! ADVI: Thou would be well advised to visit the Seer often! ARMO: I wear mystic armour.
Art thou a partial avatar?
YES: When thou art 8 parts avatar, seek Zircon in Minoc and ask of mystics!
NO: Alas.


A short druid
JOB: Research HEAL: Why I am fine, you too I hope. REAS: I am looking for the book of justice! JUST: It must be here somewhere!
Hast thou never committed *any* crime!? (HUMI)
YES: I believe thou art boasting a lie!
NO: Then speak to the judge in Yew!


A stately wizard
JOB: To welcome thee! HEAL: Very well, thanks! WELC: Yes, welcome to the Lycaeum, the keep of truth!
Know ye how many cities follow the principles of truth?
YES: How many?
NO: Travel and learn!
FOUR: The dungeon altar rooms need 4 stones each!

a truth seeker.

A person lost in thought.
JOB: I seek to know truth. HEAL: I am in a meditative state. TRUT: The principle upon which I meditate. MEDI: Meditate at each shrine for 1, 2 and 3 minutes, then shalt thou know the paths of goodness!

a fighter

An injured warrior.
JOB: None now! HEAL: My wounds are grievous! WARR: No more! WOUN: I lost in a dungeon altar room!
Hast thou seen one?
YES: Notice that each of the three rooms connect to four dungeons each!
NO: They connect the dungeons unto each other!

Lord Terence

A tall agile man
JOB: I am the librarian. HEAL: I am well. LIBR: Herein is the largest store of knowledge in Britannia except the codex!
Art thou looking for a particular book?
YES: Which book?
NO: Feel free to browse.
TRUT: Look under 't'


A flighty jester
JOB: To entertain! HEAL: Unhappy. ENTE: Ah, not now. UNHA: Because my friend Chuckles won't tell me his secret!
Dost thou know chuckles?
YES: Why dost thou not ask him for his clue!
NO: He lives in the castle Britannia ask him of his clue!


A strong guard.
JOB: To watch the treasures. HEAL: Very good. TREA: The treasures are of great value! VALU: Yes, much gold.
Dost thou intend to steal?
YES: I shan't stop thee
NO: Good, you had me worried!

Nigel, at thy service.

A noble wizard
JOB: I teach magical spells. HEAL: Good enough. SPEL: I have a specialty!
Dost thou know what it is?
YES: What do I call the spell?
NO: Sorry.
RECA: Yes, resurrection it takes: ash, ginseng, garlic, silk, bloodmoss, and mandrake!

Shylock the Meek

A pitiful beggar
JOB: I sit and beg oh... please... HEAL: I am cold and sick! oh... please...
Wilt thou help me? Oh... please...
YES: Oh... please...
NO: Oh... please...
BEG : Yes, please give me money! oh... please... SICK: I have the black plague!



A shepherd.
JOB: A survivor. HEAL: Well. SURV: Magincia was destroyed by its pride. PRID: Pride flourishes in the absence of truth, love and courage.
Art thou proud? (HUMI)
YES: Thy efforts are meaningless.
NO: Humility is the virtue that must overcome pride!


A shadowy ghost.
JOB: I haunt Magincia HEAL: Undead in search of peace. PEAC: Peace I can never find, forever banished unto the realm of earthbound spirits. SPIR: Be not proud of thy little deeds lest ye too fall from the light!


A jabbering skeleton.
JOB: I am a nobleman of great birth. HEAL: Most superb. NOBL: Me and my brother are the last two of the great Meridid family.
Thou hast heard of us of course, yes?
YES: I thought so.
NO: You must not be from near these parts!


A small ghost.
JOB: To haunt this shop. HEAL: Feeling a bit translucent. HAUN: A lot of haunting goes on round here.
Know thee why?
YES: Pride is the surest measure of goals never attained!
NO: Pride!
PRID: Seek ye the mantra for humility, ask ye Heywood!


A tall ghost.
JOB: Oh, I just hang around! HEAL: Been better. HANG: I was hung for my sin of pride!
Art thou proud? (HUMI)
YES: A grave sin!
NO: Pride is evil's favorite sin!
MANT: The mantra for pride, being the antithesis of humility, is 'MUL'.


A tall ghost.
JOB: Haunt eternally. HEAL: As well as can be expected. HAUN: Pride goeth before, shame cometh after!
Art thou proud? (HUMI)
YES: Thou shalt find shame!
NO: A proud soul surely knows not its worth!
MANT: Faultless knows the mantra of pride ask him!


A skinny skeleton.
JOB: I rattle my bones. HEAL: A bit on the thin side. BONE: I did value myself far too greatly, that pride was my downfall.
Art thou always humble? (HUMI)
YES: Doubtful.
NO: Take no pride in humility, lest ye destroy it!
PRID: A terrible thing!


A crumbling skeleton.
JOB: I once held the silver horn. HEAL: A bit bony. HORN: The silver horn must be used to pass the daemon guard of the shrine. SHRI: Wierdrum has been to the shrine of humility!
Seek ye the horn?
YES: Ask Demitry!
NO: Oh.


A thin skeleton.
JOB: I rattle my bones. HEAL: 'bout the same as yesterday. BONE: Bones, them bones, them dry bones...
Art thou dead?
YES: Ah, too bad!
NO: Watch out for Nate!
HORN: The queen of love has a lady in waiting, she can tell thee more of the horn!


Rattling bones.
JOB: I haunt, and I haunt, and I haunt! HEAL: Haunted. HAUN: A haunting job takes more than a lifetime, it takes forever! SHRI: Yes, I have been to the shrine, it lies on the north bank in the isle of the abyss!


A dumpy ghost.
JOB: I was once a powerful merchant! HEAL: Hic... MERC: My wealth was boundless, I held great power! POWE: A proud soul surely knows not it's worth!
Dost thou see?
YES: The world goes on without me.
NO: The world goes on without me.


A fat skeleton.
JOB: I run this shop. HEAL: Couldn't be better. SHOP: Why, the food shop of course.
Can I interest thee in some rations?
YES: Hmmm, our stock seems to have spoiled....
NO: I sell only the very best.
SPOI: Well, we're expecting more any day!


A weeping skeleton.
JOB: I regret. HEAL: Been better. REGR: I was proud, strip thyself of conceits, only the humble are pure! HUMB: The root from which all virtues grow!
Dost thou seek purity?
YES: Then ask the snake of the rune and stone!
NO: Fool!


A blue ghost.
JOB: I now try to understand humility. HEAL: Not well. HUMI: The first test of a great soul is humility!
Dost thou seek to know humility?
YES: Thou shalt need the rune!
NO: A shame.
RUNE: Ask the snake of the rune, just before it strikes!


A mean looking viper!
JOB: I bring death to all life in Magincia! HEAL: Bloodthirsty! STON: Those who seek the black stone need ask at the pub in Britain! RUNE: The sacred rune of humility was banished from this city. Ask Barren in Paws!


A horrible ghastly devil!
JOB: I welcome thee to Magincia! Proud city of the high seas! HEAL: Devilish! MAGI: Magincia fell unto the realm of darkness for the foundation of their virtue was ill-placed in pride!
Art thou proud? (HUMI)
YES: Good!
NO: Ah.



An agile tinker.
JOB: I care for the poor. HEAL: Well. CARE: Self preservation is the first law of nature; self sacrifice the highest rule of grace. POOR: Within this house are many poor and destitute souls.
Wilt thou help?
YES: I would join thee.
NO: Bum.


A seasoned blacksmith.
JOB: I forge weapons. HEAL: Quite well. WEAP: I make the very best!
Seek thee a weapon?
YES: Ask at the counter!
NO: Hmmm.
MYST: Ah, yes, the mystic weapons, and armour, my greatest work! Those I gave unto Sir Simon and Lady Tessa.

Bob the Beggar

A sickly little man.
JOB: I have none, help me. HEAL: I am very sick, help me! HELP: I need money to cure my sickness. SICK: I have terminal leg rot.
Hast thou any money?
YES: Then please share it with me!
NO: Then join me and we can beg together!

Linda Sue

A small muddy girl.
JOB: I'm an undernourished beggar girl. HEAL: I am hungry. HUNG: I have not eaten in days.
Could thou spare a nibble of food?
YES: I would greatly appreciate that.
NO: Oh, I see.
FOOD: Oh, thou art a kind soul!


A fading man.
JOB: I shall die soon. HEAL: I am barely conscious. DIE : I suffer from a tsetse byte! CONS: I will soon sleep forever.
Could thou spare a gold piece so I may buy a last drink?
YES: Remember Azure knows of the rune!
NO: I am saddened.


A ragged soul.
JOB: To redeem myself! HEAL: Ailing. REDE: I will not speak of my sin! SKUL: I used it!
If I help thee wilt thou swear to only use it at the mouth of the abyss to destroy it?
YES: It can be found at lat-P'F" long-M'F" on the darkest night!
NO: Oh.


An old ragged man.
JOB: I am a peasant, I hear many things. HEAL: I am old and weak. HEAR: What does thou wish to know? STON: The stone of sacrifice is orange in color and used in the altar rooms of love and courage!
Seeketh thou?
YES: Good luck.
NO: Oh.

Mike Ward

A stocky ranger.
JOB: I am trying to get a room. HEAL: Well enough. ROOM: I have travelled clear from Skara Brae. SKAR: The rune of our city is missing!
Know thee of the rune?
YES: It is the key to the shrine of spirituality!
NO: It is not in Skara Brae.


A teenage boy.
JOB: I give out flowers. Here you are! HEAL: Fine, thanks. FLOW: The way I figure it, if thou art kind to others they will have reason to be kind in return! KIND: Yes, give all that thou can unto the needy!
Wilt thou give?
YES: Good.
NO: Alas.


A rotund tinker.
JOB: I welcome thee unto Minoc, city of sacrifice! HEAL: OK. SACR: Self-sacrifice is a needed virtue! VIRT: Avatars strive to be virtuous.
Dost thou strive for virtue?
YES: Then perhaps thou shalt become an avatar!
NO: An avatar thou art not!


A cute bard.
JOB: I sing songs! HEAL: Very well indeed! SING: I sing songs! SONG: Very well, the raven sings, the raven saw and in the corn he sayeth 'CAH'.
Dost thou like it?
YES: Thanks.
NO: Too bad...


A meek shepherd.
JOB: I stand here and think. HEAL: Fine. THIN: Oh, just about things.
Can't a man just think to himself?
YES: Well I hope so!
NO: Oh, yes I can thou bandersnatch!
MANT: Listen to the bard's song for in its verse lies the key!


A happy tinker.
JOB: This and that. HEAL: O.K. I guess. THIS: And that... RUNE: The rune of sacrifice is hard to get. It lies within the fires of the forge!
Hast thou the rune?
YES: Then ask Alkerion of the stone!
NO: Return when thou dost find it!


A tinker at the table.
JOB: I carve runes. HEAL: O.K. RUNE: I carve runes for passage into the shrines!
Dost thou seek a rune?
YES: Which?
NO: I see.
SACR: Ask my sister, Mischief.


A wandering tinker.
JOB: I seek the wisdom of the shrine of sacrifice. HEAL: Been better. SHRI: But first I need the mantra!
Know ye the mantra?
YES: Good!
NO: The shrine is on a lake to the east!
MANT: I am told that a hidden shepherd knows the mantra.

a guard

A massive guard.
JOB: To guard of course. HEAL: Quite. GUAR: I often wonder if I will ever have to give my life in the line of duty.
Understand my dilemma?
YES: Of course, if it came down to it, I hope I would do it!
NO: Too bad.
LIFE: One life for many!



A young mage
JOB: I seek adventure! HEAL: Quite good. ADVE: Yes, I hope to go on a great quest!
Art thou on a quest?
YES: I wish I could join thee!
NO: Wish thou were!
QUES: The quest of the avatar is noble indeed!


Starving journalist
JOB: I am a writer. HEAL: I feel fine... if I could just quit smoking! WRIT: It's low paid, but glamorous! SMOK: Cough...cough...
Do you smoke?
YES: I can tell by the smell!
NO: Don't start!


A regal paladin.
JOB: I speak of the virtues of honesty! HEAL: Well indeed. HONE: A few honest men are better than numbers!
Dost thou strive to be honest?
YES: Then you will need the mantra.
NO: Shame!
MANT: The mantra of the shrine of honesty is 'AHM'.


A mystic wizard.
JOB: I live an honest life. HEAL: I've been better HONE: Speak the truth and shame the evil forces! EVIL: Evil still exists in our hearts and souls!
Dost thou seek to conquer thine own evil?
YES: The quest of a lifetime!
NO: Wretch!


A playful child.
JOB: I am your friend. HEAL: Feeling good. FRIE: Honest friends are few!
Art thou my friend?
YES: That makes me happy.
NO: I am sad.
HONE: My friend William knows where the rune of honesty is.

Patric the Humble Shepherd

A meek shepherd.
JOB: I am shepherd. HEAL: Pretty good. HUMB: Humility is not derived from the direct combination of truth, love or courage. HUMI: Humility is to act and be humble.
Art thou totally humble? (HUMI)
YES: Doubtful!
NO: Strive to be.


A dying young wizard.
JOB: I am apprentice to the great wizard Nigel! HEAL: I will soon die. NIGE: I will soon need to use the spell he calls 'recall'.
Hast thou met Nigel?
YES: Seek him out for he will teach thee.
NO: He lives at the Lycaeum.
DIE : Pass on.


A wise wizard.
JOB: I create tales of honesty. HEAL: Getting on. HONE: Remember, there is no terror in threats for I am strong in honesty!
Dost thou strive to be honest?
YES: Beware corruption!
NO: Fool!
CORR: Corruption wins not more than honesty!


A tall mage.
JOB: I strive to live an honest life! HEAL: Been better. HONE: An honest soul need remember no lies!
Hast thou never lied?
YES: That seems unlikely!
NO: Truth never hurts the teller!
TRUT: Truth is the root of honesty!


An elderly woman
JOB: I am an alchemist. HEAL: Tired, so tired. ALCH: I know how best to mix reagents!
Dost thou know how to best mix spells?
YES: Good!
NO: The secret's in the reagents!
REAG: A sleep spell actually requires but one part spider silk!


A hunched, insane looking man!
JOB: I move the sun! HEAL: Health? SUN : The moons are my enemies! MOON: When I die the world will end!
Do you believe my story!?!?...
YES: Then we must fell the moons!
NO: Idiot, you must think I am insane!


An old gypsy.
JOB: I am a fortune teller, I read palms. HEAL: I predict I will be fine today! PALM: Palms tell fortunes! FORT: Give thy palm.
Dost thou wish thy destiny?
YES: A great quest will lead thee into the abyss where the codex awaits!
NO: Wise choice.


A tall mage.
JOB: I bear greetings from the fair city of Moonglow.
Dost thou seek an inn or healing?
YES: Which?
NO: Perhaps, the shrine which lies on an isle to the north!
HEAL: Fine. INN : We have an excellent inn. HEAL: Our healer is one of the best!


A bouncy jester
JOB: I earn an honest living, jesting! HEAL: Very good. HONE: Honest labor bears a lovely face! JEST: I love a good jest.
Dost thou?
YES: We ought to exchange jokes sometime!
NO: Thou art probably a sourpuss!


A child eating a sandwich.
JOB: Oh, not much. HEAL: Pretty good. SAND: It's a peanut butter and grape jelly on lightly toasted bread!
Wouldst thou like a bite?
YES: Yummy, huh!
NO: It's awful yummy!
RUNE: Search for the rune of honesty by Mariah's gold!


A battered mage.
JOB: I used to search for the blue stone. HEAL: Fading. STON: The stone of honesty is found on an altar in the dungeon of Deceit.
Wilt thou search?
YES: Know its uses!
NO: Hmm.
USE : It is used within the dungeon altar rooms and in the abyss.



A very big guard.
JOB: I am the chief guard in the village of Paws! HEAL: Excellent. GUAR: Paws is a great village and we keep it safe!
Dost thou mean to cause trouble?
YES: Then thou had best leave!
NO: Good.
TROU: Pirates come from an isle to the east!


A tough girl.
JOB: I am the stable hand. HEAL: Right good. STAB: I saw the way ya dealt with ol' Red Eye!
Ya haven't come to steal a horse I hope?
YES: Well the master ain't gonna like that much!
NO: Then must be to see Smith!
SMIT: The talking horse!


A tall burly man.
JOB: I'm a lumberjack, ya. HEAL: Fine, thanks. LUMB: Wit' my axe, I can chop'm down quick, ya. AXE : It's a big axe, ya.
Art ya a lumberjack?
YES: Good for you, ya.
NO: Build up those arms, ya!

Zair the Wise

A man of many years.
JOB: I've been near the codex! HEAL: Well. CODE: Its secrets are boundless!
Seen it?
YES: Wow!
NO: Seek it!
WORD: A three part key and a word of passage are needed to enter the chamber. Ask my brother beyond Lock Lake of the word!


A very large woman.
JOB: I am the barmaid I serve the ale! HEAL: Stronger every day! ALE : We have the finest brew in Britannia! BREW: We serve only Folley on tap!
Dost thou favor Folley?
YES: A great mug if I may say so!
NO: Too bad, it's the best!


A young mage!
JOB: I seek the wisdom of magic. HEAL: Fine. MAGI: My master knows the gate travel spell! MAST: My master is Mentorian.
Dost thou know him?
YES: Good.
NO: He lives in a hidden village in Lock Lake reachable only by ship, ask of the gate spell!

Sir Hobie

A tall muscular knight.
JOB: I serve Lord British. HEAL: Tired and hungry but always faithful. FAIT: I quest always for Britannia! QUES: My quest is to defeat the evils of the world.
'tis thy quest also?
YES: We are as one.
NO: A shame it is!


A small druid.
JOB: I am here to buy food. HEAL: A bit hungry. FOOD: Yes, I hear they have the best rations here. RATI: Rations are used in dungeons.
Dost thou travel in the depths?
YES: In the great castle there is a secret entrance!
NO: Probably a wimp.


A meek shepherd.
JOB: I just sit here. HEAL: Fine.
Art thou looking for something?
YES: What?
NO: I see.
RUNE: Around there in the nook of the mountains!  


A hooded ranger.
JOB: I travel the land. HEAL: I am well. LAND: Britannia.
Art thou dim?
YES: I thought so.
NO: We shall see.
RUNE: Search the hills in the south-east corner of town!


A small girl.
JOB: What's a job? HEAL: Good, thanks.
And thee?
YES: Good.
NO: Too bad.

Sir Simon

A wise lord.
JOB: I am the keeper. HEAL: I am fine. KEEP: Of what I cannot say! MYST: Mystics can be found by an eight parts avatar!
Hast thou attained enlightenment in all eight virtues?
YES: The mystic armour lies in the center of the oak grove!
NO: Alas.

Lady Tessa

A wise lady.
JOB: I am the keeper. HEAL: Well. KEEP: I cannot say. MYST: Mystics can be found by an eight parts avatar!
Hast thou attained enlightenment in all eight virtues?
YES: The mystic weapons lie in the training room of Serpent castle!
NO: Alas.


A short jester.
JOB: I am here to serve thee. HEAL: Jolly good. SERV: Well, I can dance and sing!
Does that interest thee?
YES: Good!
NO: Well then, I guess I'm no help at all then.
DANC: And sing, tra la la...

Little Jon

A singing bard.
JOB: I sing of Britannia. HEAL: Quite well indeed! BRIT: Britannia is a land so fair, to other lands I would not dare!
I hear that thou art from another world?
YES: What is it called?
NO: Just a rumor.
EART: I hope someday thou may return!


A white stallion
JOB: Oh, not much. HEAL: Good, good.    



A stately baron
JOB: I rule this province. HEAL: Very well. PROV: Yes, these islands and much more. WORD: I know but one of three syllables-'cor'.
Dost thou know the four cities of courage?
YES: Very good.
NO: They are Jhelom, Minoc, Trinsic and Skara Brae.

the gate guard.

A very big guard.
JOB: Guard the gates, of course. HEAL: Very strong! GATE: These are the gates to Serpent castle. GUAR: Guard, watch, protect.
Art thou here to find courage?
YES: Then thou art at the right place.
NO: Then perhaps to become a guard!


A wounded sailor
JOB: I am a sailor. HEAL: I alone survived the shipwreck. SHIP: The H.M.S. Cape.
Ever heard of her?
YES: She was a mighty vessel!
NO: She was a mighty vessel!
WHEE: She went down in the deep waters of the bay in the Cape of Heroes!


A seasoned fighter.
JOB: I fight for Britannia! HEAL: Just healed.
Art thou well?
YES: Then strive to find the secrets of the abyss.
NO: Thou hast come to the right place.
ABYS: The Great Stygian Abyss holds the codex of ultimate wisdom! CODE: I know little.

a ranger.

A ranger engrossed in training.
JOB: I am training! HEAL: Excellent. TRAI: I train so that I might survive the dungeons! DUNG: I plan to conquer the secret of the altar rooms.
Dost thou?
YES: Ask our teacher about the rooms for she knowns much!
NO: Wimp.


The training master.
JOB: I train warriors to fight with courage! HEAL: Prime. TRAI: Train well and thy courage can grow with confidence.
Wilt thou train?
YES: Bravo!
NO: Pity.
ROOM: In the altar room of courage use the red, orange, purple and white stones!

a baronial guard

A stern guard.
JOB: I guard our lord HEAL: Most good. LORD: Sentri rules this castle.
Dost thou wish an audience with Sentri?
YES: Granted, enter.
NO: Then do not disturb him.
CAST: This castle is built on courage.

a treasure guard

A burly guard
JOB: We guard our lord's treasure. HEAL: Excellent. TREA: This treasure is not for thee
Dost thou intend to steal our lord's treasure?
YES: Fool!
NO: Wise move!
DUNG: Seek out Durham for knowledge of dungeons.


A bold fighter.
JOB: I fight with courage!
Dost thou?
YES: Good.
NO: Then train!
HEAL: Quite well. COUR: Courage makes kings out of knaves! BELL: The bell of courage lies at the bottom of a deep well at sea found at lat-N'A" long-L'A"


A tall fighter.
JOB: I quest for glory! HEAL: Fairly well. QUES: I feel that when on a quest my life has purpose!
Art thou on a quest?
YES: Then thy life has meaning!
NO: What a loss.
DUNG: The altar room of courage gives the third part of a key.


A buxom guard.
JOB: I guard this passage.
Art thou looking for someone?
YES: Who?
NO: Then be on thy way!
HEAL: So far, so good. GARA: He is in the west chamber. DURH: He is in the east chamber.


A handsome guard
JOB: I guard this passage.
Art thou looking for someone?
YES: Who?
NO: Then be on thy way!
HEAL: So far, so good. GARA: He is in the west chamber. DURH: He is in the east chamber.


A destitute, stinking beggar.
JOB: I cannot work. HEAL: I've lost a hand! HAND: It was eaten by a zorn.
Wilt thou give me gold?
YES: Thou art kind.
NO: Stingy!
ORBS: An orb of blue light will raise thy strength, dexterity or intelligence, but at a cost!

Sister Antos

A wise druid.
JOB: I have important information. HEAL: Well enough. INFO: On what subject? BELL: The bell of courage is needed to enter the abyss.
Dost thou have it?
YES: Very good.
NO: Then ask the fighter Garam for he knows where it lies!


A spiny nixie!
JOB: I swim the seas! HEAL: Nice and wet! SEAS: There are many ships at the bottom! SHIP: A survivor would know where to search.
Hast thou heard of the H.M.S. Cape?
YES: She had a magical wheel that would strengthen her hull!
NO: A great ship!


A beautiful paladin!
JOB: I welcome thee unto Serpent Castle! HEAL: Very well.
Art thou well?
YES: Very good, perhaps thou seeks Sentri.
NO: Then thou should visit our healer!
SENT: He is the lord here, take the west passage. HEAL: Take the east passage.



A solemn ranger.
JOB: I seek the inner light. HEAL: I am well. LIGH: I seek the "one great truth"! TRUT: That which lies within the codex!
Dost thou seek this "truth"?
YES: Some things take forever but brick by brick mountains can be built!
NO: Alas.


An injured man.
JOB: I seek the spiritual path. HEAL: I am grievously wounded. SPIR: Spiritual is stronger than any material force. WOUN: Nothing can bring thee peace but the triumph of principles!
Art thou good in spirit?
YES: A good path.
NO: An evil path!


A tall ranger.
JOB: I carry the light within my heart. HEAL: I am alive. LIGH: The light of philosophy. PHIL: In philosophical minds the familiar excites wonder!
Dost thou always tread the right path?
YES: Doubtful!
NO: Few can, but strive to do so!


A very small wizard.
JOB: I cast great big spells! HEAL: Superior! SPEL: I can cast: jinx, kill, and view!
Dost thou know what these spells have in common?
YES: What?
NO: Guess!
NIGH: Yes, ask the barkeep at 'The Axe-n-Ale' in Vesper about nightshade.


A hungry beggar.
JOB: I beg for food and money. HEAL: I am not at all well. FOOD: To eat! MONE: To buy food!
Wilt thou give me food or money?
YES: In return I will tell thee that the ankh knows of the rune and my friend Ambule knows the mantra!
NO: Jerk!


A radiant ranger.
JOB: I am reading the wizard's journal. HEAL: I am fine. JOUR: It tells of the white stone. STON: It is no longer in the dungeon Hythloth, it is gone!
Wilt thou try to recover it?
YES: Ask of the stone at the Tap in Trinsic!
NO: Too bad.


A great philosopher.
JOB: I teach. HEAL: I am well. TEAC: When one has pity on all living creatures then is one noble. NOBL: If one speaks or acts with pure thought, happiness will follow like a shadow that never leaves.


A skilled ranger
JOB: I strive along the path.
Art thou far along the path?
YES: This is good.
NO: Fear not thou shalt be.
HEAL: Well. PATH: Success is a journey, not a destination. JOUR: May thou always desire more than thou can accomplish!


A short dumpy man with a book.
JOB: I am a teacher, I enrich young minds. HEAL: I am fine. TEAC: I teach of the abyss.
Know ye of the abyss?
YES: A word of passage is needed at the last gate!
NO: Learn!
WORD: Seek Zair the Wise in Paws for more on the word.


A wise mage.
JOB: I write magic.
Dost thou believe in magic?
YES: Magic missiles need but 1 part ash!
NO: I see.
HEAL: Fine. MAGI: One lives by believing in something. BELI: Great discoveries are made by those whose feelings run ahead of their thinking.


A wise bard.
JOB: I write stories. HEAL: O.K. STOR: Stories are good for the spirit! SPIR: Remember, no one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of others!
Art thou good in nature?
YES: Be sure thy net good well exceeds thy net evil!
NO: I see.


A gallant fighter.
JOB: I quest. HEAL: Excellent! QUES: Many quests are very dangerous!
Art thou fearless in all thing? (HUMI)
YES: Boastful fool!
NO: Danger is real!
DANG: I am not afraid of tomorrow; I have seen yesterday and I love today.

the Ankh of Spirituality

A silver ankh.
JOB: I keep the secret of the rune. HEAL: Strong. RUNE: Mantra? OM : Search for the rune of spirituality in the treasure chamber of Britannia!
Hast thou found the shrine?
YES: Good!
NO: Enter the gate of full moons!


A grimy beggar.
JOB: I beg for but for a single gold piece! HEAL: So-so. BEG : Oh, please... Oh, please...
Wilt thou please give me a gold piece?
YES: Dear kind soul.
NO: Stingy, I know thou hast many!
MANT: Ask the child named Barren.


A small child.
JOB: No job. HEAL: O.K. MANT: I know it well, it is 'OM'.  


A ghostly figure
JOB: I haunt this inn! HEAL: I am many years dead. HAUN: The quest is not complete!
Art thou on the quest?
YES: Hope!
NO: Alas.
STON: The white stone sits atop the Serpent's Spine. It can only be reached by one who floats within the clouds.



Handsome fighter
JOB: I am towne leader HEAL: Very well. LEAD: 'tis an honor!
Dost thou try to live honorably?
YES: It is a constant quest. Honor is like finely polished armour. Without constant care, it will soon tarnish!
NO: Fool!
HONO: It gives life meaning!


A mystic wizard.
JOB: I create magical fields. HEAL: I am well. FIEL: Poison is my favorite.
'tis it thine?
YES: Bravo!
NO: Well I don't care!
NIGH: Nightshade may be found only near lat-J'F" long-C'O" only on the darkest of nights!


A sleepy fighter
JOB: I drink a toast to honor! HEAL: Tired. HONO: What is left when honor is lost? NOTH: Right, take honor from me and my life is done!
Dost thou strive to live an honorable life?
YES: Honor gives greatness.
NO: No honor, no meaning!


A bony skeleton
JOB: I hail from dungeon deep. HEAL: What do you mean? DUNG: I come from the dungeon 'Shame'! STON: I have seen the purple stone used in the altars of truth and courage!
Ever been there?
YES: Good.
NO: It holds items thou shalt need.

Sailor Sam

An ugly sailor.
JOB: I sail the the seas of Britannia! HEAL: A bit waterlogged. SEAS: My specialty is navigation!
Is it thy specialty?
YES: Good show mate!
NO: Thou must not own a sextant, eh?
SEXT: Go to the pub in Jhelom and ask of sextants.


A dignified paladin.
JOB: I search for honor. HEAL: I am well. HONO: Dignity consists not in possessing honors, but in deserving them. DIGN: Honor no one, but honor itself!
Art thou honorable at all times?
YES: That is impressive.
NO: Strive to be as such.


A cowering child
JOB: I ran from the bull! HEAL: Scared! BULL: A big one, with long, pointy horns!
Is it gone yet?
YES: Whew, I thought it would get me!
NO: Save me!
RUNE: It is buried in the southwest corner of towne.


A strong paladin.
JOB: I am the welcomer. HEAL: Extra good. WELC: Yes, welcome to Trinsic city of honor! HONO: Wisdom on the virtue of honor is found throughout this towne.
Dost thou seek this wisdom?
YES: Enter and find thy path.
NO: This is the wrong place!


A scruffy merchant.
JOB: A trade in rumors. HEAL: A bit ragged out. RUMO: About what? RUNE: There is a small child who knew named... Terrin.
Dost thou know him?
YES: Ask him of the rune.
NO: Find him and ask of the rune!


A tall wizard.
JOB: I cast spells. HEAL: Fully healed. SPEL: Spells of great power.
Dost thou cast spells of great power?
YES: What is the most powerful reagent?
NO: Dost thou know their main ingredient?
MAND: Ask at the Folley tavern of mandrake.


A searching paladin!
JOB: I seek entry to the shrine of honor!
Know ye the two requirements to enter and use the shrine?
YES: What are they?
NO: What dost thou think?
HEAL: Well. MANT: The mantra is 'SUMM'. RUNE: A man named Winthrop knows of the rune!


A shining paladin.
JOB: I am warlord of Trinsic. HEAL: Superb. WARL: I have solved many quests! QUES: The solving of quests brings ye honor!
Strive ye for honor?
YES: Then solve quests but attack not non-evil creatures, and get not others gold!
NO: Oh.


A soulful fighter.
JOB: I seek a place to rest. HEAL: Tired. REST: I have quested long and hard. QUES: I seek enlightenment at the shrine of honor!
Art thou enlightened in honor?
YES: Good.
NO: The shrine lies to the south and west beyond the swamps!

a guard

A big guard.
JOB: We guard the gate. HEAL: Excellent. GATE: Into and out of Trinsic. GUAR: 'tis an honorable job!
Dost thou strive to bring honor upon the peers?
YES: Dupre, the leader of our towne, joins many honorable quests!
NO: Dolt.


A wandering mage
JOB: I seek the skeleton! HEAL: Adequate. SKEL: It knows a great secret. SECR: About the purple stone of honor!
Dost thou have the purple stone?
YES: Use it wisely!
NO: Seek it for it is very useful!

a guard

A strong guard.
JOB: To guard. HEAL: Guarded. GUAR: Guarding. STRO: Guard


Twin Gates

A tall mage.
JOB: We welcome thee to Vesper. HEAL: Well. VESP: Yes, Vesper is a fair village.
Hast thou come a long way?
YES: We are honored by the visit of one on the quest!
NO: We are honored by the visit of one on the quest!
WELC: Welcome, unto Vesper!


A hulk.
JOB: Ug, me tough! HEAL: Ug, me tough! TOUG: Ug, me tough! UG : Me tough!
Ug, thee tough?
YES: Ug, thee tough!
NO: Ug, me tough!


A meek shepherd.
JOB: I can help thee! HEAL: Well for now. HELP: I know of the skull of Mondain the Wizard!
Hast thou heard of it?
YES: It is an evil artifact!
NO: It is an evil artifact!
SKUL: To use it for any reason is a sign of great evil, and no virtue!

Traveling Dan

Short rotund man with a hat and vest.
JOB: Traveling dan, the tinker man. HEAL: I am fine, thank thee. TINK: I am here to repair goods at the guild shop.
Been to the guild shop?
YES: Great selection!
NO: Best prices!
TRAV: I know the world is round!


A sturdy peasant.
JOB: I am a serf. HEAL: I'm pooped. SERF: Serfs work hard for little pay! WORK: I work the fields for my master!
Dost thou have a master?
YES: I hope he or she is a kind one!
NO: Thou art lucky indeed!


A small man.
JOB: I seek humility. HEAL: I am fully healed. HUMI: When the 3 principles of virtue combine in eight ways pride has no virtue! PRID: To be proud is not a virtue, and so Magincia was destroyed! Humility is the virtue that remains!


A slender shepherdess.
JOB: I seek the shrine. HEAL: I am fine. SHRI: The shrine of humility! HUMI: The shrine lies on the north bank of the isle of the abyss and is guarded by endless hoards of daemons!
Know the isle?
YES: Good.
NO: Southeast of Britannia!


A fair woman.
JOB: I do humble works. HEAL: I am doing well. WORK: I can help thee with the mantra! MANT: Since humility is the opposite of pride, so is its mantra!
Know ye the mantra of pride?
YES: Then reverse it for humility!
NO: When thou dost, reverse it!


A wise shepherd.
JOB: I am but a humble shepherd. HEAL: I am well. SHEP: I am on a pilgrimage unto the shrine of humility!
Did thou know that there is no shrine of pride?
YES: Very good.
NO: Pride is not a virtue of the avatar!
SHRI: It is on the dark island!


A beautiful and impressive guard.
JOB: I shall warn thee against taking this gold!
Dost thou intend to take it?
YES: That would not reflect well upon thy virtues!
NO: That is good.
HEAL: I am well enough! GOLD: It is not thine! WARN: It is not thine!


A solemn ranger.
JOB: I teach of the shrines. HEAL: I am well. SHRI: One >must< visit each shrine for 1, 2 & 3 cycles each for thy paths to be clear!
Dost thou visit them often?
YES: Very good.
NO: Make that the first goal along thy path to avatarhood!


A wise man.
JOB: I give wise counsel. HEAL: Well. COUN: Strive ye to know and develop the virtue within thee. VIRT: The Seer Hawkwind should be consulted >often< for he can see within thee!
Dost thou?
YES: Good!
NO: Thou shalt surely stray from the path!


A funny jester.
JOB: Thou thinks I'm funny!
Don't thou?
YES: Well good, I try to be!
NO: Ah, too bad, I thought I was.
HEAL: I've a slight tickle! FUNN: I dare thee to ask me about Nate the snake! NATE: Well, it's a long story and we haven't the time.


A slender youth.
JOB: I am an apprentice mage! HEAL: I am very powerful! MAGE: I am the Calumny's favorite! CALU: He lives in Yew!
Hast thou been to Yew?
YES: Calumny knows the quickness spell!
NO: Calumny knows the quickness spell! Seek him out!


A bold paladin.
JOB: I travel these fair lands to spread the virtues! HEAL: I am fully healed! VIRT: To know thy progress on the paths of virtue one >must< visit the Seer Hawkwind often!
Dost thou do this?
YES: Good.
NO: Thou must or thou may stray!


A tall nimble man.
JOB: I am a thief, I like to borrow! HEAL: I am very well! BORR: My favorite things to borrow are horses! HORS: You can steal horses in the towne Paws!
Art thou a thief?
YES: Watch out for the bull in the corral!
NO: Likely, thou art a wimp!



A quiet druid
JOB: I strive to understand justice. HEAL: I am well. JUST: True justice satisfies all, false none. UNDE: Let justice be thy calling not thy excuse!
Art thou just?
YES: Many a grave has been unjustly filled in the name of justice.
NO: Alas.

a guard

A tall guard
JOB: To guard the court. HEAL: Yes. JUST: A good life is inspired by love and guided by knowledge. COUR: Within this chamber justice is served.
Dost thou have business before the court?
YES: Then enter.
NO: Then do not disturb the proceedings!

a guard

A big guard.
JOB: We guard the jail.
Hast thou come to turn thyself in?
YES: In which cell dost thou belong, felonies or misdemeanors.
NO: Just visiting, eh.
HEAL: Fit. MISD: That'll be the left cell. FELO: That'll be the right hand cell. careful in there!


A solemn druid.
JOB: I make spells. HEAL: Well. SPEL: I invented quickness!
Can thou cast it?
YES: It requires but one bloodmoss!
NO: Adept.
MAND: Mandrake root is found only in the Fens of the Dead and in the Bloody Plains where the ground is always damp.


A wise judge.
JOB: I decide justice. HEAL: Well. JUST: Justice is truth in action! RUNE: It is hidden well!
Can thou honestly claim to be guilty of no crime ever? (HUMI)
YES: Doubtful.
NO: Then do thy penance in a cell, and with the felon search ye well.


A burning fire.
JOB: I hold the fabric of the true nature of justice. HEAL: Bright. JUST: The virtue of justice draws its nature from the principles of truth and love! FABR: Of justice.
Hast thou always been just? (HUMI)
YES: Unlikely.
NO: At least thou art honest.


A chanting druid
JOB: Beh... Beh... HEAL: Beh... Beh... BEH.: Beh... Beh... BEH : Beh... Beh...


A wise druid.
JOB: Welcome thee to Yew city of justice! HEAL: I am well. JUST: Love no one more than the truth, for justice seeks no favors. Temper thy justice with understanding. YEW : Yes 'tis a fair city!
Dost thou like it?
YES: Let it be as thine!
NO: A pity.

a poor beggar.

A poor beggar.
JOB: I have sinned. HEAL: Well treated. SINN: I have gotten chests in the townes and killed non-evil creatures.
Should thou be in with the felon?
YES: Thou art in the wrong cell.
NO: Good.
FELO: He is a mean nasty ugly villain!


A mean nasty ugly villain!
JOB: I eat people who bug me! HEAL: Hungry! VILL: That's me alright! PEOP: Like thee!
Art thou here to bug me?
YES: Eat death, scum puppy!
NO: Well thou art!

a ranger

A sleek ranger.
JOB: I search for a home. HEAL: O.K. HOME: On the range! RANG: Where the deer and the antelope play.
Ever heard of such a place?
YES: Seldom is heard a discouraging word!
NO: Ah, what'ya have to ruin it for!

Short Round

A small child
JOB: I work for Jones. HEAL: I am fine. JONE: I think Indi's on a quest! QUES: I'm not so sure, but it should be fun!
Art thou having fun?
YES: Write to Lord British and tell him!!!
NO: I am so sorry we all wish you would!


A withered form.
JOB: See my poor baby I beg for him. HEAL: I am starving and sick. BABY: Oh, no, my baby is dying!
Wilt thou give me money so that I can get my baby healed?
YES: Thou art kind and just!
NO: Evil wretch, curse thee!
JUST: Jaana may join thee!


A thin man.
JOB: I take council. HEAL: Fine. COUN: On justice.
Fight ye for justice?
YES: Good, the druids chant the mantra!
NO: Cad.
JUST: Justice is hardest to find at the point of a sword, the steel is an agent of justice, humanity the perpetrator!

a guard

A big guard
JOB: To preserve the peace and insure justice! HEAL: O.K. PEAC: A good life is inspired by love and guided by truth!
Art thou always just? (HUMI)
YES: Unlikely!
NO: Strive to be!
JUST: Justice means not only to punish the bad but also to reward the good!


A wandering druid.
JOB: I seek justice. HEAL: Well. JUST: Learn at the shrine! SHRI: The shrine is to the east then north!
Dost thou have the rune?
YES: Now learn the mantra, and seek the green stone in 'Wrong'!
NO: Ask Talfourd for he knows of the rune.